The vision of ORUMA is to preserve, promote and perpetuate the rich values and traditions of Kerala while providing a healthy physical, social, spiritual and economic environment for the greater Orlando malayalees. ORUMA would like to immerse every Malayalee in a celebration of our culture and heritage. Orlando Regional United Malayalee Association (ORUMA) will work hard to develop and maintain a forum for malayalees to come together to celebrate, preserve and promote the rich traditions and cultural values of Kerala among malayalee friends, families and their younger generations in and around greater Orlando Florida. To aggressively promote and uphold the culture, heritage and values of malayalees in and around the greater Orlando area. To plan and organize cultural events aimed at improving the social, educational and other humanitarian services of the Malayalee community To foster and enhance the Malayalee community’s longstanding love affair with the Malayalam language. To plan and host periodic meetings that allow the members to network, learn and share their personal experiences To increase cross cultural understanding and promote cultural diversity and co-operation To co-operate with similar organizations in their quest for maintaining the heritage of Kerala