ORUMA is a registered 501 c 3 non-profit Malayalee community. It started in 2008 with some like minded people in the greater Orlando Florida (FL) area. Now, ORUMA has over 300 families as members. We also engage in our neighborhood watch and address social issues. We encourage our youth to be proactive and productive members and citizens of this great nation. This association was started with great dream of the Malayalees in greater Orlando, FL to keep the Kerala culture within the Malayalee Americans alive and teach our younger generation the values instill into us by our parents and grand parents. Every year, ORUMA conducts various programs and activities for our community’s well-being. We try to preserve the Malayalee traditions and culture through the activities and events we conduct. ORUMA provides opportunities and encourages its members to participate in the
community. It also provides a forum for the Malayalees residing in greater Orlando, FL to meet and exchange views and to foster their friendship, goodwill, moral, social, educational, literary, artistic, and cultural heritage. Our primary goal at the end of the day is to provide for the well-being of the Malayalee community in greater Orlando, FL.


Every year, we strive to conduct multiple events and programs.

  • Easter, Eid, Vishu
  • Onam
  • Picnic
  • Beast cancer awareness / Blood donation
  • Christmas/New Years Celebration
  • Meet and Greet with well known dignitaries